‘Casa Vlas’ winery is a bohemian wonderland that satisfies even the pickiest of tastes of those who pass its threshold. The luscious green scenery heightens the enchanting Romanian countryside’s experience throughout the summer season and into the ephemeral spectrum of fall’s golden colours. The magnificent landscape is more than meets the eye, such as a painting is more than its colours. One must enlighten its senses to experience to the fullest. Our winery is the sole author of the painting entitled ‘Casa Vlas’ because wine is a fine art, and the rest is a pleasure.

Wine tasting is an experience in itself; the joy of tasting selected wines combines with the surrounding nature’s energy and resonance. Only once you step onto this landscape, you can experience this winery’s vitality to its fullest.

In order to maintain the utmost quality, the tastings are done only by previous appointments. Our vineyard is a combination of olfactory and visual sensations that touch the extraordinary experience of wine tasting of those who wish to visit us.

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