„Casa Vlas” Winery

Emerging from a strong passion of veritable and noble wines, “Casa Vlas” has established a reputation in Romania for producing exceptional reds, greatly appreciated by those who cherish quality and authenticity in their lives.
Our decisions focus on sustainability and entirely on making distinct fine wines of character. Those are the foundation stones in building a brand acknowledged by its elegance, simplicity and refinement.

Ardud's reputation


The hillsides in the winery’s surroundings supply only the best of nutrients to produce excellent quality grapes. Our specialists then work their magic in creating one-of-a-kind wines.

The production is treated with the utmost respect throughout as the wines aim to satisfy even the most refined of tastes.

Our cultivation of grapes

Our limited selection of wines aspires through its every drop to show the very quintessence of our grapes. This made it essential for us to cultivate only the right variety of grapes for our terrain.





In the cellars, the wine is aged in authentic Romanian, French and Canadian oak barrels that transmit to the wine all the properties with which it was infested by nature: strength, stability, confidence.